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The original incarnation of News Corporation (abbreviated News Corp.) was an American multinational mass media corporation operated and owned by media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, headquartered in New York City. Prior to its split in 2013, it was the world's fourth-largest media group in terms of revenue, and News Corporation had become a media powerhouse since its inception, almost dominating the news, television, film, and print industries. On June 28, 2012, after concerns from shareholders in response to its recent scandals and to "unlock even greater long-term shareholder value", founder Rupert Murdoch announced that News Corporation's assets would be split into two publicly traded companies, one oriented towards media, and the other towards publishing. Its major holdings at the time of the split were News Limited (a group of newspaper publishers in Murdoch's native Australia), News International (a newspaper publisher in the United Kingdom, whose properties include The Times, The Sun, and the now-defunct News of the World—which was the subject of a phone-hacking scandal that led to its closure in July 2011), Dow Jones & Company (an American publisher of financial news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal), the book publisher HarperCollins, and the Fox Entertainment Group (owners of the 20th Century Fox film studio and the Fox Broadcasting Company—one of the United States' major television networks).

In July 2011, News Corp closed down the News of the World newspaper in the United Kingdom due to allegations of phone hackings. The allegations include trying to access former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's voice mail and obtain information from his bank accounts, family's medical records, and private legal files. Allegations of hacking have also been brought up in relation to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and the Royal Family. Other allegations put out by The Guardian newspaper include the exploitation, with intent to gain access to or use private information, of a list of 4,332 names or partial names, 2,987 mobile phone numbers, 30 audiotapes of varying length and 91 PIN codes, of a kind required to access the voicemail of the minority of targets who change the factory settings on their mobile phones. The names are said to include those of British victims of September 11, 2001 terror attacks, family members of victims of the "7/7" bombings on London's transit system, family members of British troops killed overseas, Milly Dowler, a 13-year-old missing British girl who was later found dead, actor Hugh Grant and a lawyer representing the family of Princess Diana's lover at the inquest into her death.

According to The Guardian, on July 13, 2011, News Corp withdrew its bid to purchase the final 61% stake in BSkyB after pressure from both the Labour and Conservative Parties in Parliament. Allegations about the violation of ethical standards by the News Corporation subsidiary News of the World have been speculatively applied to News Corporation holdings in the United States. Senator John Rockefeller (D-WV) stated on July 12, 2011, that there should be a government investigation into News Corporation.

THE REUTERS published on July 13, 2011, that Representative Peter King (R-NY) wrote a letter to the FBI requesting an investigation into News Corporation's ethical practices, and on July 14, the FBI opened a probe into the hacking of 9/11 victims.

In 2012, THE FINANCIAL REVIEW talked about The BBC Panorama report and some allegations were made that News Corp subsidiary NDS Group had used hackers to undermine pay TV rivals around the world. Some of the victims of the alleged hacking, such as Austar, were later taken over by News Corp and others such as Ondigital later went bust. NDS had originally been set up to provide security to News Corp's pay-TV interests but emails obtained by Fairfax Media revealed they had also pursued a wider agenda by distributing the keys to rival set-top box operators and seeking to obtain phone records of suspected rivals. The emails were from the hard drive of NDS European chief Ray Adams. In 2012, it was also revealed that Australian Federal police were working with UK police to investigate hacking by News Corp.


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Customer Sales and Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The systems and processes make going to work very hard. The management team don't know what is happening half the time, and the systems and processes do not work and make giving acceptable customer service near impossible."

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"If it wasn't for my co-workers I don't believe I would have made it as long as I did. Working for the company has been ok. Upper management needs a lot of work. Work/life balance does not exist. Cons: Hours"

Herald/Sun & Leader Newspapers (Former Employee) says

"Poorly trained and unprofessional management team. Toxic work eat dog! Unequal for mates and good promotions for friends of management - not by merit. Incentives program was eroded over the years, did not reward high achievers sufficiently."

National Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to use SalesForce and love it. The best part of the job was Spiffs. You get to work nationwide with Real Estate Agents. You help them grow their business. Cons: Healthcare. Zero work life balance. They work us everyday including weekends."

Executive Compensation Consultant (Former Employee) says

"comp committee material prep"

Mail Clerk (Former Employee) says

"A typical day begins with a mail drop to all CEO's, CFO's, Managers and Assistants,many of whom required multiple copies of the same papers. I found it to be a bit redundant and a waste of paper as much of the Papers was on the internet. One day I recall being told to keep my head down as I was always smiling and tried to carry a positive attitude where-ever I go. However, as I recall, when I explained to my manager some of the issues I was dealing with, his response make me feel like it wasn't his problem nor his concern. There was nothing hard about the job, very to the point, but there was always some politics behind every issue. The most enjoyable part of the job was once being able to take my children to a movie opening. Cons: Not family oriented."

Sales Media Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Fast-past; High unattainable targets, and no work-life balance."

Producer (Current Employee) says

"The company is making a minor effort to improve its culture, but the changes it is making are ultimately cosmetic. The management is apathetic (at best), the work is underpaid and un-appreciated (under-appreciated is too generous a term), and generally speaking, the environment is like a news factory where one is expected to be robotic. It is not a fun place for anyone with an ounce of creativity or imagination."

National Sales Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Great place to start your career.Not a lot of room for advancement. Cons: not much growth."

Newspaper Delivery Driver/Returns Officer (Current Employee) says

"Auditing newsagent returns. Cons: Varying weather conditions"

Contributor (Former Employee) says

"Constantly changing working environment. Not for the faint hearted. Very fun in terms of content creation but lacked motivational support and job security from its leadership."

Executive Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Fast-paced..hectic..never a dull casual..probably one of the more laid-back finance cultures I've worked in..most people here are genuine and pleasant to work with"

Snr. Art Director - Experience Designer (Current Employee) says

"News Corp Australia is a great place to work, filled with talented hard working individuals. Cons: No work-life balance"

Account Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was a huge learning curve and loved the interaction with new and old clients ,getting to know all media products ,creating advertisements and marketing plans."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"It was an experience I won't forget. I learned from the best and learned a different style of doing business. I made great friends that I'm still in touch with today."

Leader News (Current Employee) says

"High staff churn. Pressure to perform in tough industry."

Former Employee - Saves Representative says

"I worked at News Corp full-time Cons: Most of the job was pretty crappy"

Project Manager says

"I worked at News Corp for more than a year Cons: Exec Management are not in sync with BU and client requirements."

Former Employee - Photographer, Photo Editor says

"I worked at News Corp full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Lack of leadership, lack of respect to the employees."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at News Corp part-time for less than a year Cons: As reference to their DirecTV account, the initial training is adequate. But then they dump immediately into what they call "nesting", which is live calls with what is very minimal, and inadequate support. If you fail to meet their AHT (Average Handle Times). you are let go. I do not recommend this company under any circumstances..."

Former Employee - Product Development says

"I worked at News Corp full-time Cons: There are non applicable answers for this question"

Former Employee - Marketing Executive says

"I worked at News Corp full-time for less than a year Cons: Toxic workplace culture. Stressful, and incredibly unorganised for a large corporation."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"I worked at News Corp full-time Cons: - Culture encourages mediocrity - C-Suite if full of arrogant non-visionaries who are simply there to collect the cheque - Zero collaboration within departments"

Former Employee - Sales Leader says

"I worked at News Corp full-time for less than a year Cons: Where do I begin?! * All the reviews about micro management are true. There is zero autonomy as a team leader and you can expect to be told off if you stray from the same line that has been followed since the 80's. * Constant shifting of goal posts week to week. Revenue underpins this and when times are bad, expect to do mountains of useless work, fill out and maintain a growing pile of spreadsheets that state the same thing, etc * Culture - this is the biggest one.... The entire place is fuelled by unnecessarily long hours, inefficient processes and micro management, which ultimately breed a culture of fear and burnout. E.g - As a Team Leader I was heavily discouraged from allowing my staff working from home and the team would meekly ask me if they could leave early for personal appointments. Get with times, its 2019!!!! Secondarily, it is just so ridiculously gossipy - like being in high school, but (pathetically) its 40 year olds. Expect constant backstabbing. I was pulled into a room on my first day by a senior figure and warned about certain people - completely unnecessarily, it was a personal thing for her. This person would constantly find excuses to talk about my/her team behind their back - considering they were all good people, its just depressing, particularly as this attitude pervaded throughout my entire time there. If you live for the drama, you will like this place. * Poor management - Managers are generally long termers (5-10 years within the business) and only know the News way. Its really weird and there are a lot of 'hidden rules' that you wont know unless you make an inadvertent mistake. * Hierarchical - They follow a very feudal system on the sales floor and you can expect to meekly knock on doors requesting an audience, dependant on your own standing in the business"

Current Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I have been working at News Corp full-time for less than a year Cons: *Terrible Culture * Micro management to the highest degree / like being at Kinda Garden * Poor Management - have no idea how to communicate and motivate * Upper management are basically bogans * Poor pay * Goal posts are changing all the time"

Current Employee - Design says

"I have been working at News Corp full-time Cons: badly organised, bad structure, slow, terrible culture"

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